Sunday, May 19, 2013

Updates about Bitten

Yesterday Laura gave to her fans on twitter this her beautiful photo with the actor and colleague Greyston Holt from the set of Bitten...

...Tweeting this: Vandiekins22: "A moment with #Clay #Elena in between scenes. @greystonh Apparently Grey never breaks character..."

Then another article that talks about Laura and Bitten, titled "Bitten, The Series: Everything You Need To Know So Far" via Morgan O'Halloran and Box Office Buz: LINK.

I want to remind all of you to follow the cast members of Bitten on Twitter:

- Paul Greene (Philip): @paulgreenemedia
- Greg Bryk (Jeremy): @GregBryk
- Greyston Holt (Clayton): @greystonh
- Natalie Brown (Diane): @Brownnmiss 

Updated, May 22, 2013: Another photo taken by Rachel G (Space Channel's head of programming) from the table read of Bitten's episode 1x05:


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  1. I can't wait to see this new series, where Laura is a female alien superhero werewolf.