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Video Segment of InnerSpace After Bite Episode 8 with Laura Vandervoort

Here is a video segment from last night Episode of  InnerSpace After Bite Episode 8 with .

You can find the full episode of Innerspace After Bite on Space Channel Web Site.

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Answers with Laura Vandervoort

Answers with Laura Vandervoort

We caught up with Laura Vandervoort on the much anticipated second season of SyFy's "Bitten" and what this werewolf plans to sink her teeth into next. "Bitten's" season 2 will premiere on Syfy on April 17th.
Dickson: Now that Elena has claimed full ownership of her identity as a werewolf, what can we expect from her? Just how bad does she become?
Vandervoort: Elena's perspective and emotions this year has shifted dramatically. Finally accepting her future, allowing her pain and grief to overcome her...and take over. Revenge and righteousness are at the top of the menu. I can not tell you just how bad she gets, but this season was a freeing journey physically and emotionally for the character.
Dickson: What is one storyline that has really surprised you? Was there a scene or episode that when you read the script you couldn't believe?
Vandervoort: Yes. But I can not tell you about it just yet. It is our season 2 finale. I was shocked. You will be as well!
Dickson: What upcoming scene or episode are you really excited for the fans to see?
Vandervoort: I am excited for the fans to see our finale this season! It was an emotional one for the entire cast...For many different reasons. I am proud of our cast and crew and grateful everyone was so committed.
Dickson: In the world of the supernatural, there's one mythical creature that's so far largely been a men-only territory: werewolves. How does it feel to break the mold and play one of the only female werewolves in history?
Vandervoort: I think the werewolf side of Elena's storyline was the last part of the character that drew me to her. Everything that Elena had been through growing up, her strength, intelligence, imperfections and grit all intrigued me. The fact that I was also able to work with and draw from Elena being the only female werewolf was the cherry on top. All the frustrations and agony that come with that responsibility. She is extremely rare. I feel honored to break that mold!
Dickson: Elena is more powerful and more in tune with who she is in season 2, so how did you have to approach playing her character different this season?
Vandervoort: Physically this season I wanted Elena to be more of a fighting machine. I trained with an amazing trainer Michelle Lovitt. She trained me in a very different way, resistance bands, interval training...a few months prior to filming. Emotionally, Elena is still the same person she has always been, however this season she no longer apologizes for it or feels guilt. Her skin has just become that much thicker and her temper that much shorter.
Dickson: What's the best part about filming in your native land of Toronto?
Vandervoort: Definitely being able to support Canadian content and spend 6 months a year with my family and friends at home!
Dickson: "Bitten" was adapted from novels in the "Women Of The Otherworld" series written by Kelley Armstrong. Did you read the novels to prepare for your role?
Vandervoort: We (the cast) were actually told to not read them too thoroughly as the show was going to take some artistic licensing and not follow along exactly. We wanted to do justice to the fans of the novels but also the need to alter certain things for a television series can be common. I read the first book to get an understanding of Elena but really also wanted to work out who she was on my own. On set.
Dickson: So let's switch gears for just a second and talk about "Ted". How much fun was it working with Seth and Mark and being a part of such a laugh out loud comedy?
Vandervoort: Fantastic. Wonderful and talented men. I had a great time.
Dickson: How does it feel to be crowned Hollywood Reporter's "Next Big Thing Under 30"?
Vandervoort: Hahaha. That was a lovely article and I felt rather lucky to be a part of it.
Dickson: I love that you're involved with the Humane Society International's Be Cruelty Free campaign! It's such a great cause! Why do you feel passionately about animal rights?
Vandervoort: I've always been a lover of animals. Perhaps it is because my father grew up on a farm and we always had cats and dogs at home. Visiting my Grandfather on his farm and the neighboring farms to see cows being milked, baby kittens...I have just always loved them. I wanted to be involved with the Humane Society's campaign because I believe very strongly against testing on animals. It is no longer a necessary format for testing products. It is cruel and barbaric.
Dickson: How can we get involved and help the humane society fight cosmetics testing on animals?
Vandervoort: As consumers, we can fight cosmetic testing on animals by being aware of the products you buy and use. Educate yourself on brands, find cruelty free products (of which there are many) available to you. Sign the petition to ban animal testing in Canada and around the world. Talk to your friends! For more info visit the Humane Society's website!
Dickson: Lastly, tell us about your recent trip to Africa with World Vision and their Starting Strong campaign! What did you learn?
Vandervoort: I was given the opportunity to travel with World Vision Canada to AFRICA for 10 days. As a Canadian ambassador and having sponsored two children through world vision for the past 10 years, I wanted to further understand how the organization worked. It was an incredible trip and very educational. Starting Strong is a program they have implemented that helps women and their children -9 months (in the womb) to 2 years. Many children are stunted and this is irreversible after 2 years old. The program helps build clinics, supplies knowledge on nutrition to local volunteers, education on hygiene and sanitation. Solar fridges for vaccination storage, birthing charts...Helping many mothers and children in need. World Vision enables these women to continue on the road to health for themselves and their children. Long term.

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Bitten Banter Videos

Bitten Season 2: Episode 8 "Dark Arts": Stills, Promo Video and More....

Bitten Season 2: Episode 8 "Dark Arts"
(Saturday, 9e 10p on Space Channel)

Aleister returns to Stonehaven and the Pack where he creates ideal conditions to abduct Savannah by convincing Jeremy to let the Coven complete her initiation ritual on the property.

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Bitten Season 2: Episode 7 "Bad Dreams": Stills, Promo Video and More....

Bitten  Season 2 Episode 7 "Bad Dreams"
 (Saturday, March 21, 9e 10p on Space Channel)

When the new Spanish Alpha tries to blackmail Jeremy into murdering the Russian Alpha, the Pack has things under control until a surprise visit from Savannah upends their plans. Nick and Paige go on a secret mission.

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