Friday, December 31, 2004

Laura Vandervoort appeared in an episode of the "DOC" Series

Laura Vandervoort appeared in the role of Annis Bennington in episode: "The Family Tree" of the "DOC" Series.

Some info on the series:

(TV series)

Doc is a medical drama/family drama with strong Christian undertones starring Billy Ray Cyrus as Dr. Clint "Doc" Cassidy, a Montana doctor who takes a job in a New York City medical clinic. It ran from March 11, 2001 to November 28, 2004 on PAX. Although set in New York city, all the episodes were shot in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Genre: Medical drama
Created by Dave Alan Johnson, Gary R. Johnson
Starring: Billy Ray Cyrus, Andrea C. Robinson, Richard Leacock, Paula Boudreau
Theme music composer: Billy Ray Cyrus
Opening theme: "Stand Still"
Country of origin: United States
No. of seasons: 5
No. of episodes: 88
Production company(s): Pebblehut Productions
Broadcast: Original channel: PAX
Original run: March 11, 2001 – November 28, 2004

Part of the episode in which also Laura appears:


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Laura Vandervoort in the Series "Instant Star"

Laura Vandervoort appeared in the role of Sadie Harrison as a fixed member of the cast in the Series "Instant Star" on CTV.

Some info on the series:

Instant Star
(TV Series)

Instant Star was a Canadian television program which aired from September 2004 to June 2008. The series starred Alexz Johnson as adolescent music competition winner Jude Harrison. The show chronicles Harrison's experience in the recording industry whilst focusing upon character development.
Linda Schuyler and Stephen Stohn of Epitome Pictures produced the show. The program began to air on CTV in Canada prior to being picked up by Viacom-owned teen network channel The N, now TeenNick, in the United States. The show became the second most popular program on The N with Degrassi: The Next Generation, a Canadian show also produced by Schuyler and Stohn, ranking as most popular.
In 2005, after its first season, Instant Star was nominated for three Gemini Awards in the category of Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program or Series. Nominations included: (1) Best Series; (2) Best Performance (Jude Harrison); and (3) Best Direction (Graeme Campbell). The show won the award for Best Direction for the episode You Can't Always Get What You Want.
On August 28, 2007, the show received three more Gemini Award nominations in the category of Best Children's or Youth Program or series. Alexz Johnson was again nominated for Best Performance (for the episode, "I Fought the Law"), and there were two more nominations for Best Direction - Graeme Campbell (for "I Fought the Law"), and Pat Williams (for "Personality Crisis").
Four seasons of the show (each with 13 episodes) were produced. CTV and The N both pulled funding following the fourth season, and the execs chose to end the show. The show was originally intended to conclude after its 5th season. Upset fans started a petition. The 4th and final season of the show concluded on June 26, 2008, in the US. Reruns continue on CTV in a Saturday morning time slot.

Genre: Teen drama/Comedy
Created by Linda Schuyler
Narrated by Alexz Johnson
Theme music composer: Jody Colero, Jim McGrath & Stephen Stohn
Country of origin: Canada
Language(s): English
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 52
Executive producer(s): Stephen Stohn
Producer(s): Stephen Stohn
Location(s): Toronto, Ontario
Running time: 30 minutes
Production company(s): Epitome Pictures
Distributor: Alliance Atlantis (2004-2007), CTVglobemedia (2007-2008)
Broadcast: Original channel CTV (Canada), The N (United States)
Picture format: 1080i HDTV Matted Widescreen
Original run: September 15, 2004 (2004-09-15) – June 26, 2008 (2008-06-26)
Wikipedia Page: LINK

Alexz Johnson: Jude Harrison
Tim Rozon Tom: "Tommy Q" Quincy
Laura Vandervoort: Sadie Harrison
Kristopher Turner: Jamie Andrews
Simon Reynolds: Stuart Harrison
Wes Williams: Darius Mills
Mark Taylor: Kwest
Tyler Kyte: Vincent Spiederman

Series plot:
In each episode of the show, Jude Harrison must deal with the problems and challenges of both her musical career and her personal life, as one weaves into the other. She also faces dilemmas and choices in her relationships, dividing her feelings between the loves in her life, while also recording with G-Major Records. These people are important to her music - the one thread that ties her life together. Her best moments are when she is working with others in creating and performing her music. In addition to her music and her loves, there is much else going on in her personal life and in the lives of those around her.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Laura Vandervoort in the TV Movie "Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story"

Laura Vandervoort appeared in the role of an "Young Girl" in the TV Movie "Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story".
Some info on the TV Movie:

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story
(TV Movie)

Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story is a Canadian television movie, which aired on CTV in 2004. The film is about Marc Hall, a gay Canadian teenager whose legal fight to bring a same-sex date to his Catholic high school prom made headlines in 2002.

Directed by John L'Ecuyer
Produced by Heather Gordon Haldane
Written by Michael MacLennan
Music by Gary Koftinoff
Cinematography: Glenn Warner
Editing by Mike Lee
Studio: Screen Door
Distributed by Lifetime Television
Release date(s): Canada: June 1, 2004; USA: April 28, 2005
Running time: 92 min.
Country: Canada
Language: English

Aaron Ashmore as Marc Hall
Mac Fyfe as Jason
Tamara Hope as Carly
Trevor Blumas as Beau
Dave Foley as Principal Warrick

In Inniston, Marc Hall (Aaron Ashmore) is popular and his sexuality relatively well-accepted by his classmates and later his parents. But when he decides to take his boyfriend to the prom as his date, he finds he has stepped over the line straight into the fight of his young life and sends ripples though Canada's media. From just an ordinary teenager, he becomes an icon for LGBT rights across the nation when he discovers he is battling discrimination to date whoever he wants within the spotlight of the nation's media cast center on his struggle.


Laura have participated in the role of an "Young Girl".