Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Laura Vandervoort 's Movie "Troubled Waters"

Today the Movie "Troubled Waters" in which Laura Vandervoort has the role of Carolyn has been released.

Some Info of the Movie:

Troubled Waters

Special Agent Jennifer Beck (Jennifer Beals) is an intrepid FBI agent who is assigned to solve the case of a multimillionaire couple missing daughter. As the clues begin to reveal themselves, Beck, who has a secret gift of clairvoyance, tries to connect the kidnapper to the girl's mother, who is having an affair with her husband's business partner. Racing against the clock, Beck must discover the real reason for the abduction before it's too late.

Directed by John Stead
Written by David Robbeson
Starring: Jennifer Beals, Jonathan Goad, David Storch, Shauna Black, Stuart Hughes
Music by Eric Cadesky, Nick Dyer
Cinematography: Brett Van Dyke
Editing by Tad Seaborn
Release date(s): December 2006 (Canada), January 9, 2007 (USA)
Running time: 95 Minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English

Jennifer Beals – Special Agent Jennifer Beck
Jonathan Goad – Agent Andy Hunter
David Storch – Mike Waters
Shauna Black – Julia Waters
Stuart Hughes – Ben Tomlinson
Olivia Ballantyne – Megan Waters
Sharon Lewis – Agent Tina Davis (as Sharon Lewis)
Laura Vandervoort – Carolyn
Nicole Dos Santos – Maria
Frank Moore – Special Agent Turner
Matt Birman – Special Agent Stokes
Stewart Arnott – Doctor
Christopher Cordell – Agent Reynolds (as Chris Cordell)

In this Video laura appears approximately in the minutes 3:30...

...while here approximately in the minute 2:10.