Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Laura Vandervoort 's "Esquire Magazine" Article

Here's to you all the Esquire Magazine Article: "Funny Joke from beatiful woman as told by Laura Vandervoort".

Monday, May 28, 2012

News about Laura Vandervoort in the year 2012

This blog start today,
so as first post, we denote only the most important news about she of this year posted on our Forum .
I want also to remind you all that can find all information about the life, career and more of Laura always on our Forum .

 The most importants news about Laura Vandervoort of this year.
- 23 January: Today Laura Vandervoot in her official twitter profile announced that she has made a new work of Photoshoot with an amazing team consists by Glenn Nutley, Brett Freedman, Sophia Banks, Alexandra Mandelkorn, Gabriel Goldberg, Gabriel Gastelum. LINK

- 1 February: Laura was featured in Cineplex Magazine's February 2012 Issue. LINK
- 8 February: Laura attended the 'This Means War' Movie Premiere. LINK

- 14 March: The first poster for Laura's movie "TED" has been released.  LINK
- 18 March: Laura attended the ZOOEY Magazine Relaunch Party in Hollywood. LINK
- 28 March: March 28th: Laura visited and supports "The Gentle Barn Foundation". LINK

- 10 April: Laura attended the Nylon Magazine 13th Anniversary Celebration Party. LINK
- 14 April: Laura realized photo shoot for 'Twelv' Magazine. LINK
- 15 April: Laura will appear in an episode of the fourth season of "White Collar" (and in this day she start shooting in NY). LINK

- 2 May: Laura's Article on Ok! Magazine. LINK
- 3 May: Laura in Salada Magazine Shoot Preview. LINK
- 15 May: Laura recently did a shoot for "Hydrogen Magazine" in Los Angeles. LINK
- 20 May: Laura's appearance in Dallas Comic-Con, TX. LINK
- 21 May: Laura realizes a article and a Photoshoot for Esquire Magazine of june for heading "Me in My Place". LINK
- 23 May: New info release on Laura's movie "TED". LINK
- 27 May: Laura will appear in a article on Men's Fitness Magazine in July/August 2012 issue. LINK

EDIT 26 June 2012: Today I have started to add also on this site the old news about laura of before that it was created . So now you can find this Laura's news (of year 2012) in this site just select the desired month from the tags menu ( a dx of the screen).

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Laura Vandervoort 's "Men's Fitness Magazine" Article

Laura Vandervoort will appear in a article on Men's Fitness Magazine in July/August 2012 issue.

Magazine website: LINK

Monday, May 21, 2012

Esquire Magazine "Me in My Place" article (and a new photoshoot) with Laura Vandervoort

Esquire Magazine presents a article and a new photoshoot of the series "Me in My Place" with the beautiful Laura Vandervoort.
Photographs by Michael Edwards and interview by Mark Mikin.


Video "Funny Joke told by a Beautiful Woman"

Articles and Video on Esquire WebSite: LINK1, LINK2

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Laura Vandervoort at the Dallas Comic-Con 2012

Laura Vandervoort appears as guest at Dallas Comic-Con.
The event held May to 19-20, 2012 in Irving Convention Center 500 W Las Colinas Blvd Irving , TX (At intersection of 114 and NW Highway).

Complete Image Gallery: LINK

- Photos -

 Laura with Stan Lee ...

... with Adam West ...

  ... with Summer Glau ...

... a funny "Supergirl" Moment ...

... and Laura to sign autographs for her Fans.



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