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Laura Vandervoort, captive and alone for PETA to put an end to Orcas in captivity

See Laura endure the desperate isolation that captive orcas face every day in support of and

From Peta Web Site: LINK:

 "Naked Laura Vandervoort: Confined and Scared"

 "Laura Vandervoort from Syfy's Bitten proves the point that being held captive and forced to perform is no way to live. Yet day after day, year after year, and decade after decade, captive orcas are confined to tanks that, to them, are equivalent to the size of a bathtub and forced to perform unnatural tricks—all in the name of "entertainment." Orcas are highly intelligent mammals with self-awareness and close family ties—just like us. Spending their lives trapped in small tanks leads them to fight with each other, causing serious injuries. They become so miserable that they're placed on anti-depressants and even lash out at their trainers in frustration.

Laura is well-versed in the heartbreaking truth for orcas in captivity, so she has teamed up with PETA again to fight in behalf of animals.

Did you know that:

    - Orcas in the wild spend their entire lives with their families in pods.
    - Captive orcas are stolen from their families and isolated.
    - Orcas in the wild work cooperatively and form complex relationships.
   -  Captive orcas learn tricks, often by having food withheld from them, and those who refuse to perform are isolated.
    - Orcas in the wild swim up to 100 miles a day.
    - Captive orcas are confined to tanks that, to them, are the size of a bathtub, and they swim in endless circles all day.
    - Orcas in the wild live an average of 30 to 50 years.
    - Captive orcas live an average of nine years.


Remember: Every purchase of a SeaWorld ticket contributes directly to the suffering of these majestic animals."

Check out Laura's behind-the-scenes video and exclusive interview!

Sign the Pledge to Boycott SeaWorld!: LINK.

Laura Vandervoort Gets Wet For PETA to put an end to Orcas in captivity

Laura Vandervoort Gets Wet for PETA's campaign to put an end to Orcas in captivity.

From ET Canada Blog: LINK

Laura Vandervoort On Stripping Down For PETA
Trapped in a container, no bigger than her body...Laura Vandervoort's newest campaign image for PETA is meant to shock and awe.  In it, the "Bitten" star is fully nude and put on display, just like the Orca's at SeaWorld.

"I have a very small confined tank that I went into for PETA, just to go through the emotion of what an Orca is going through and try to capture that on camera,” she explains. “And show the agony and the need to become free. We jumped in and shot for about an hour. I think the photos came out very dramatic and that's exactly what we wanted."

Vandervoort has always been one to defend animals, posing for PETA back in 2011. This time the actress saw the film Blackfish (an award winning documentary about the inhuman treatment of whales at SeaWorld), and was so moved, she knew something had to be done - she needed to speak out.

"I hope that it helps raise awareness and people will go online and learn a little more,” she says. “Watch Blackfish, go to www.seaworldofhurt.com and just educate themselves and try to understand what we are here to support."
Another ET Canada's article about Laura's support for Peta: LINK.

No more orcas in captivity!!!

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Laura Vandervoort at the Milk Boutique event to celebrate the ICB Spring 2014 collection

Laura attended at the event celebrating the ICB Spring 2014 collection on April 26 at the Milk Boutique in West Hollywood, California.

Some Photos:


 In these Photos: Karen Raphael, Marni Flans and Mike Gifford.
 Photos posted by Laura and her team on Twitter.

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Laura Vandervoort in SFX UK Magazine March Issue

Check out this article in SFX UK Magazine March Issue with Laura:

"Five things you need to know about BITTEN!"

You can find the PDF version of this article on the Official Web Site of Laura (news april 25): LINK.

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Laura Vandervoort Channels Golden Age Hollywood Sex Sirens

"Laura Vandervoort exudes classic beauty and sexuality in a new photo spread for Cliche magazine that mirrors the sex goddesses of old from the Golden Era of Hollywood." Read the full article on TheImproper.com.

‘Bitten’ Actress Laura Vandervoort Gets A Relaxed ‘Up-Do’

Beauty Editor Glenn Nutley demonstrates with the Stunning Laura how to create a feminine and relaxed up-do for an evening red-carpet event.
Read the full article on "The Carousel.com": LINK.

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Laura Vandervoort is the cover girl of Cliché Magazine April\May 2014 issue

Laura is the Stunning cover girl of Cliché Magazine April\May 2014 issue! 
Read the complete magazine here:  LINK.
Article: Cover story: Laura Vandervoort Interview: LINK.



Photos of the Behind the scenes:

Video of the Behind the scenes and Interview: