Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cambridge Times Article about Laura Vandervoort and the Bitten's shooting

 Here an article published on Cambridge Times about Laura and  the filming of Bitten in Hespeler.

Here is the article: Apr 18, 2013,

"Hespeler ready for its closeup:
Local shutterbugs are smitten with bitten.

When Tracy Durnan opened her nail salon in downtown Hespeler, she likely never imagined her storefront window would bear a poster warning of werewolf attacks.

The sign blares out the warning: “A wolf has killed a human in the neighbourhood: Please do not leave children and/or your pets unattended.”

There are few occasions when threats of death, dismemberment and chowing down on small children are considered humourous.

This is one of those times. In fact, the entire village of Hespeler is in on the joke.

The streets of Hespeler have undergone a transformation this week, as crews filming the new television series Bitten have turned downtown stores into a sleepy, but tortured, New York town dubbed Bear Valley.

The new series, based on Canadian author Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten book series, is using the Hespeler downtown as a backdrop for the science-fiction meets romance story. And the locals are loving the attention.

“I think it’s great for Hespeler,” said Durnan.

“All the girls brought their cameras so they could take pictures.”

The Tips and Toes salon owner is even coming up with her own lines, joking that if the locals start turning into werewolves, she’s going to have to create an entirely different kind of manicure.

Even the interior of Ernie’s Roadhouse was refashioned for the shoot.

Durnan was one of many local residents and business owners lining the downtown street to catch the commotion, hoping to get a glimpse of filming.

And they have.

On Wednesday afternoon, locals were able to see crews shoot scenes with lead role actor, Toronto’s Laura Vandervoort, who plays Elena, the story’s long-haired blonde beauty, who also happens to be the world’s only woman werewolf.

It’s the classic romantic sci-fi story of girl meets boy, who is actually a werewolf. Boy bites girl, then girl falls in love with another boy, who’s not a wolf.

Vandervoort’s character is torn between life as a werewolf and the human world - loyalty and love.

Hespelerites are enjoying the spotlight, turning into amateur paparazzis, snapping photos of sets, crews and actors and posting their pictures on Twitter and Facebook.
For updates on local Bitten filming, visit the Hespeler Village Facebook at

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