Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Laura Vandervoort Blog and Forum

Hello everyone,  I want to wish Laura's fans all, the visitors and the users of our blog and forum a very special Merry Christmas.
Many thanks to you all for your support.
A special wish goes to my staff (Luca, Filippo and Jasmine).

I take this opportunity to make even my personal wishes to the talented actress to which is dedicated this site.

"Dear Laura,
I wish you a Merry Christmas, full of serenity, peace and love for you, your family and your loved ones, thank you for all the emotions that gifts us with your work and your admirable personality, I'm grateful to you for everything.... and hope you can read and appreciate this my tiny, but sincere greeting message.
With great esteem and love,

Note: (for users and visitors): This year I haven't organized (for various commitments) the usual collection of wishes for Laura here (on our site), so for those few who don't know still, i want remind that you can write your wishes directly to Laura on her Twitter account (@Vandieskin22).
The actress has often demonstrated to read all the messages that are sent to her (commitments permitting), then almost surely your wishes will be read and appreciated from her.


people keep in mind that the Christmas, the real Christmas is...
in every smile that you know to donate,
in every act of love that you know make,
in every caress that you to know give,
these are the most precious gifts that make happy,
to those who receive them, but especially to those who give them.
Do not be ashamed of the love that have inside.. Gives it !!! Now and forever...

Yours truly,

P.S. For those who still don't know and want to follow also us on Twitter or\and on Facebook, here are the links:

Remember: The real Laura does not have a public facebook account. Recently we knew that there are several impostor claiming to be her and them have fooled some people. Attention because these are not connected to Laura in any way.

(A Laura's photo at Christmas Eve shared on twitter for her fans,wishing to their

Thank you very much to all you and still Merry Christmas!!!

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