Friday, December 21, 2012

Laura Vandervoort 's paintings

In this time Laura started to paint as a hobby.
I wanted to share these works here because honestly I find it really amazing.
The artist has been shown to have good taste and talent in the selection of combinations of colors, has used in both works nice tones, fresh, relaxing and natural.
Almost seems that she has used spring colors for the first, while autumn or\and metropolitan colors for the second work.
Anyway for me these paintings are excellent especially if we consider that they are only first attempts.
The actress as usual has demonstrated the versatility of her talent which now includes also the field of painting. Quality that I really admire in her.
I will not be surprised if in the future we could admire her works in any art exhibition dedicated to them.
Here are the photos of her early works that the actress has shared on Twitter:

- First painting -

- Second painting -

- Her Work equipment -

Go Laura, great job, keep it up!!!

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