Thursday, August 30, 2012

It 's official - Laura Vandervoort works on a few episodes of the tv serie "Haven"

It 's official, Laura has confirmed on her twitter profile (@Vandiekins22) that is currently working in the series Haven and on several episodes.

Here's reported the her tweet:
"Well guys it's already out since your all so clever.Yup, I'm working on a few episodes of "Haven."Great role!"

 I feel slightly called into question ... :-P
What we suspected and have said in previous posts so it's real it's official.
Congrats Laura and good luck for this new your work, Haven is a great series and it will be even more with you as the star, thanks!!! ;-)

Some photos of Laura from the set:

From other information about the role of Laura in Haven:

"Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort has landed a Haven-ly gig, booking a double-episode arc on the Syfy series.
In the 12th and 13th episodes of Season 3 (premiering Friday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c), Vandervoort will play a highly intelligent and (duh) beautiful woman who has returned to Haven for the latest cycle of Trouble. Alas, her visit isn’t a peaceful one; rather, she is driven to the brink of madness by the loss of a loved one."

For read the full article: LINK

Another article by from title: "TV and Film Beauty Laura Vandervoort to Appear on Haven"

"The Syfy series Haven, loosely based on the Stephen King short-story “The Colorado Kid”, will be back starting on September 21 and will include among its upcoming guest stars actress Laura Vandervoort, best known for her role as Kara on the long-running WB/CW series ‘Smallville’.
According to TV Line, Vandervoort will appear in two episode – the 12th and 13th to be exact – playing a “highly intelligent and beautiful woman who as returned to the town of Haven for the latest cycle of Trouble”. But, sadly, her visit will not be a happy one as she is “driven to the brink of madness by the loss of a loved one”. What kind of trouble (literally) will that bring the town, right?
Again, the third season of ‘Haven’ will return to Syfy starting on September 21 at 10/9c."

For read the full article: LINK


  1. a big thank you to friends Tony / Richterbelmont and Luca/Ulpio71, always able to surprise us with previews of this blog, the first in Italy, dedicated to this extraordinary actress Laura Vandervoort ..... best wishes to you, always be the first of all. Of course my best wishes to Laura for this new television experience ...

    un grazie di cuore agli amici Tony/Richterbelmont e Luca/Ulpio71, capaci sempre di stupirci con le anteprime di questo blog, il primo in Italia, dedicato a questa straordinaria attrice Laura Vandervoort.....auguri a voi, di essere sempre i primi in assoluto. naturalmente i miei auguri a Laura per questa nuova esperienza televisiva...

    1. Ok thank you pan-taron/filippo, We will continue to do our work together, for this talented actress called Laura Vandervoort.

    2. sante parole Luca!!

      holy words Luca!

  2. One thing I learned following Laura is to "never give up" ..
    Thing I do in my life and in the administer this site and its derivatives.

    If I can make know a little more about Laura and her career, her works, her passions and her good heart also only to a her fans through my-our work in this site, I'm happy and this is enough for me.

    I'd thank also the approximately 150 people who follow us on Twitter, more than 500 friends and more that we have on facebook between our profile an community page and all those people who visit us every day, the friends of the Alice Project, ecc. ecc.. (sorry if I not mention all).

    Thanks to you all and of course a big thanks of my heart to Laura that surprises us every day even more ...

    ...and remember "Love for Laura always!!!!!"

    Best regards from Antonio for the friends, Tony ;-)

    1. il tuo contributo Tony è siamo arrivati così lontano, e in così tanti ci seguono, dobiamo essere grati alla tua straordinaria tenacia! continueremo avanti così!

      Your contribution is crucial Tony ...... if we got that far, and so many are following us, we have to just be grateful for your extraordinary tenacity! continue on like this!

  3. Congratulations to Laura for a new adventure, perhaps cite the source
    and the blog as discoverers of the news would have been a nice gesture for the rest of all samples in the copy!!

    1. caro anonimo è volere troppo!!.....
      col senno di poi tutti avevano già capito tutto...
      incredibile che poi vengano premiati altri quasi a caso poi!

      dear anonymous you will too! .....
      in hindsight everyone had already understood everything ...
      incredible that then are rewarded more then almost at random!

  4. incredibile......siamo stati noi i primi sul blog a fare questa ipotesi, mentre solo dopo che Laura ha ufficialmente dichiarato, altri sconosciuti si sono presi il merito senza fare nessun credito al nostro blog.........con assoluta certezza ribadisco che il nostro blog per primo ha intuito che Laura in gran segreto stava lavorando alla serie TV Haven!!..è semplicemente vergognoso! è facile divenire campioni, e pavoneggiarsi con le notizie date in anteprima da altri!!

    amazing ...... we were the first on the blog we make that assumption, but only after Laura has officially declared, unknown others have taken the credit without any credit to our blog ........ . insist with absolute certainty that our blog has first realized that Laura was working in secret to the TV series Haven! .. is simply outrageous! is easy to become champions, and strut with the information given in advance by other!!

  5. Guys, I don't censored the comments, but kindly I ask you not to
    overdo it.
    We are only a small site of laura's fans.
    We should not expect anything from anyone, including the actress.
    Other sites, copying us, no cite us, frankly to me not care, the important is just that the Laura's news are disseminated and shared.
    I can only say that I not expected all this difficulty for manage a fans site of an actress, also if small and little important with this.
    difficulty as :
    - sites opponents that also reach to menace we
    - people molest we
    - people, including my relatives and friends who tell me "but you're a stupid to lose time for this vandervoort ..."
    - People who think that I a vulgar fake, despite always sustain that we are only fans, we are not Laura and not have any connection with she.
    - I never know if the actress likes or not the news that i have posted and then i always afraid of making mistakes...
    - Litigate with the English language.. (I do not know X-D )
    - Find news and more
    - Create a database on the life of the actress (that I did not know)
    - Stay awake often until 4am, because of time zone, for update in real time, because to me not arrive the news for magic mail, but I have to search them..
    but you know what ... to me care zero about what people think... I care only about what can think Laura...
    I only know that I was in a hospital bed with a serious diagnosis and I ​​saw smallville and drew Laura-supergirl for pass the time encouraged of some things read in the her biography and many more saw and read about her on the web.
    For me she is my goddess of luck ... one of family...
    From those moments i decided to follow she, are a passionate of tv series and movies, but little care about the world of show and the actors, but made ​​an exception for Laura is there are valid reasons....
    And for the time that remains me, until I can, I'll try to administer to best this site ... in life there are more important things, guys live in peace, ok?
    Of course then there are also positive things, in fact we found lot of friends and supporters and I thank you once again with my heart.

    Thanks for your attention, best regards,

  6. Yes You've right! We go forward in our work: forum and blog, comments of people who say that we're stupid or lose time are ridicolous like them.