Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maybe Laura Vandervoort is filming a new movie?

In this last very hot days ( at least here in Italy) of August  there aren't new certain news about Laura, but what do know we about her at this time?

Which her is far away from LA for work (it seems in Canada) and is working on a new project. What concerns this project, the actress has not yet unbalanced, but today Laura has published this new photo on her twitter page:

Watching her look in this photo I remembered that according to rumors from Imdb, Laura could join the cast of two new movies currently in production: Life of Party and Heart of Dance.
Both themes of these movies are approachable to the look of this photo.
Then that Laura is shooting a new movie and maybe one of the two that imdb quotes?
We don't know, in fact she could work at any thing now: Another movie, as guest-star in a series, a new photoshoot, a musical or else. This is just my hypothesis, but at least we took advantage of this to mention and remember the possible movies in which Laura could work in the future.
 Certainly we know that soon there will be big news and that she is completing the her first book with the collaboration of the cartoonist/comics creator:
David Reddick.

Updating 29 August: As we had guessed, Laura has confirmed by some tweets on her twitter profile who is currently filming something ... here are some pics on the set, shoots by her.

That has to do with the TV series "HAVEN"? Soon we will know more...'ll keep you updated as our usual. ;-)

P.S. People, sorry for my bad english.. :-P


  1. in heart of dance website there is already a picture of laura, even if it is in talks....hopefuly good!

    sul sito web di heart of dance c'è già la foto di laura, anche se è in trattativa

    speriamo bene!

  2. So Laura would be taking part in the TV series Haven? ....... wait for confirmation

    dunque Laura starebbe partecipando alla serie TV Haven?.......attendo conferme

  3. I do not know is just my hypothesis... ;-)

  4. yuhuuuu...we are the best!!!...great scoop!