Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Exclusive - Laura Vandervoort guest-star in the tv serie HAVEN

I had already written a few hours ago in the previous post the my suspect that Laura was filming on the set of the tv series HAVEN.
Know enough about the series is a combination of factors led me to think this.
Doing a search I found this video posted of the protagonist of the series, the actress Emily Rose.
Guess who appears behind her? The our beloved Laura.
So this confirmed that Laura is currently on the set of the series Haven.
In that role and for how many episodes Laura will be the guest-star, do not know yet, what I know for sure and that in the last days started the filming of  the episode 13, the last of the season 3, then probably she will be present only in this last episode.

Here's the video and a screenshot from it:

When there will be new info, we will be here to share with you all. See soon Laura's Fans. ;-)


  1. Nice news. Haven is a new sci-fi fantasy tv series.

  2. is one of my favorite TV series ... great news ..... congratulations laura

    è una delle mie serie tv preferite...grande notizia.....congratulazioni laura