Monday, November 5, 2012

Updated some Laura Vandervoort 's Photo Galleries

I have updated some of old our photo galleries,
The photos of the beautiful Laura seem endless with our great pleasure...
Here are the links to our photos albums:

- Photoshoot by GNL Studios (for Zink Magazine) (2012) : LINK
- San Diego Comic-Con 2012: LINK
- Charlie Sheen Roast (2011): LINK
- Maxim Hot 100 Red Carpet (2011): LINK
- Photoshoot for Toro Magazine (2010): LINK

Generally don't announce with a post, here on blog, the updates to old our photo galleries (recommend visit them regularly), but in this case have been inserted of the pics very nice and so recommend to see them, too because below (in this post) is only a small selection of images.



  1. In a pic Laura puts out one's tongue... Well you're grateful. XD

  2. She's goofing around! I like it!