Saturday, October 27, 2012

New info, photos and detailed plot about the Laura Vandervoort's new Christmas movie "Finding Mrs. CLaus"

Laura's new Christmas movie "Finding Mrs. CLaus" will air on Lifetime on December 2, 2012. Make sure you tune in! Starring Laura Vandervoort, Will Sasso and Mea Sorvino.

Detailed Plot:
"A single mother ( Laura Vandervoort) is trying to give her daughter (Aislyn Watson) the best Christmas possible (While working at a casino in Vegas and living out of a motor home). She struggles with financial burdens and her demanding work hours to give her daughter everything she can. Meanwhile, a neglected Mrs. Claus (Mira Sorvino) walks out on Santa (Will Sasso) and ends up in Las Vegas determined to grant the Christmas wish of a little girl (Aislyn Watson) looking for a husband for her single mother (Laura Vandervoort). Santa makes his way to 'sin city ' in search of Mrs. Claus but crosses paths with a variety of people – some naughty and some nice...''

Other Photos:

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  1. It will be delicious like Desperately Seeking Santa.