Sunday, September 23, 2012

The birthday of Laura Vandervoort (articles and more...)

As we all know, yesterday has been the birthday of Laura.
Here are some articles about the event, found in the web:

- A horoscope done for her by (who knows if Laura believes horoscope :-P ): LINK

- An article titled "Celebrate 'Smallville' star Laura Vandervoort's birthday" by LINK

Yesterday Laura has shared with all her fans some her beautiful photos on
twitter, I report here too.
Pre-birthday evening party (between sun and music):

Wonderful comparison between yesterday and today:

Here is with her beautiful ​​friends:

Laura, thanks for sharing these wonderful emotions with we your fans. :-)


  1. wonderful party .... and that cake!

    bellissima festa....e che torta!

  2. A birthday party night, I know that has been among girls, the importance you are enjoyed with your girlfriends, and the 28 years old-cake is pretty! Congrats!