Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who else is tailor-made for the role of Alice in Wunderland, maybe Laura Vandervoort?

On has been published an interesting article on "Wunderland" and on Who Should Play the Lead Role. Laura is one of them!!!

Here is a part of the article:

"The CW Eyes Modern-Day Alice in Wonderland — Who Should Play the Lead Role?

The CW is developing Wunderland, a contemporary reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, to be produced by Warner Bros.
Wunderlund presents Alice as a young, modern-day police detective who discovers a strange world that exists beneath Los Angeles.
But enough about the premise. It’s time to dream-cast this thing. Acknowledging that Anna Camp’s The Mindy Project will have legs, who else is tailor-made for the role of Alice? CW-friendly Smallville alum Laura Vandervoort? Former Grey’s Anatomy doc Chyler Leigh? Or maybe Georgina Haig, whose run as Fringe‘s grown Etta will expire this fall?"

To read the full article, here is LINK.


  1. WOOHOO!!!!

    Absolutely AWESOME!!!!

    Maybe this was the audition that Laura was ready a day too early for?

    1. Yes probably! thanks to Twitter if you know (with more accounts) the news about Laura, seeing that after your "fantastic" or "incredible" adventure Laura doesn't follow us our blog/forum. Sucks!

    2. Sincerely until at this situation I didn't want to arrive. We have created first the forum and then this blog about Laura Vandervoort, not for competiton, but only for to share our esteem and talent of this actress with everybody. When I see that our work is menaced by bad (or strange)behaviour of others, and the work isn't very appreciated by interested people, so put us in a bad light, I feel damaged too, like says the administrator Tony.
      I say that we will continue ALWAYS with determination to do our work, that is repeat to share the talent and esteem of this actress with everyone. The real life is yet hard, but we put on to fight also for these things, I consider a total waste of time.

  2. Luca please go slow with your theories.... -_-'
    I also, have noticed "something odd" and some changes of attitude, but we can not be sure of anything, only time can give us confirmation...
    I'm an polite person and active the comments everyone, even those of persons that would do well to disappear...
    And I would only like to point out that with other similar sites and with who administers them, I not have nothing to do ... I dissociate myself, especially after the last events.
    I have worked and fought much for creating this place and I struggle and work still more to take it forward... and frankly bothers me if someone that has nothing to do with me, can causes me of damages.
    Repeat, I did not expect to find all these difficulties and persons so "strange" along this path... I admit to feeling quite demoralized, without stimuli and for nothing appreciated in this last period... :-(

    1. no discomfort Tony ..... then everything has clarified how it should be .... wrongdoers responsible for installation of his work .... have nothing to do with you, with us and with the forum blogs that you have created for Laura .... Laura will understand

      nessun sconforto Tony.....poi tutto s'è chiarito come doveva essere....chi si comporta male risponde in prima persona del suo operato....nulla hanno a che vedere con te, con noi del forum e col blog che hai creato per Laura....Laura capirà

    2. Ma sinceramente, mi sono proprio stufato....