Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laura Vandervoort can't attend at next Entertainment Media Show (EMS) in october at London

You remember the news on the Forum Show Masters Online where had announced that Laura Vandervoort will be attending at Entertainment Media Show (EMS), in october 2012 in London, after that she could no longer attend the "London Film and Comic Con" due to family reasons ( LINK ).

The news was not exact, in fact yesterday Laura responding to a fans on her twitter page has clarified the real situation and the inconvenience. Here is her response message:

"won't be there in October either! My sisters wedding!! The October visit to London was announced before I was asked. I'm sorry."

...and today recently she repeated (always her twitter page):

"Clearing this up. I won't be at the London convention in October. They announced before I was asked & I will be @ my sisters wedding. Sorry"

So attention Laura will not be in October at the London EMS 2012 and thanks to Laura for clarification.

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