Friday, July 13, 2012

Interview to Laura Vandervoort on the eating habits by Self Magazine

On the stite of Self Magazine was published an article\ interview on the eating habits of Laura titled  "Eat Like a Star: Ted's Laura Vandervoort" .

In this interview she says:

"I find it hard to always stay on track and get my vegetables and protein in," says Vandervoort. "I decided to freeze several zip bags full of kale, half a banana and blueberries for a smoothie each morning. This make it easier for me to simply throw the ingredients in the blender with my protein powder. I also am a huge fan of Greek yogurt--it's another great way to get your protein. It fills me up and gives me long-lasting fuel until lunch. Add a cup of coffee and almond milk and I'm ready to go!"

WebPage of the interview : LINK


  1. I morning a glass of milk and lots of fresh fruit!

  2. un veloce spuntino da atleti...

    quick snack by athletes ...