Friday, July 10, 2015

Interview with Laura Vandervoort at San Diego Comic Con 2015 by ET Canada

Laura Vandervoort on possibly guest starring on ‘Supergirl’

Source: ET Canada.

July 10, 2015: 
The Internet went a little crazy this week when word spread that Laura Vandervoort — who played Supergirl on Smallville — will guest star on Global’s upcoming fall drama Supergirl.

But is it true?
ET Canada‘s Rick Campanelli sat down with Laura at Comic-Con in San Diego to find out.

“I’ve met the creator of the show,” Vandervoort  says. “We’ve had a discussion, but it’s not an official word on talks or anything, so we’ll see. Hopefully one day.”

OK, well that wasn’t a “no” and another promising sign is that Vandervoort seems just as enthusiastic as any of us about the show, which stars Glee‘s Melissa Benoist as the female superhero.

“The show looks great. I have seen the trailer and I think it looks pretty epic, and I think they did a great job with casting,”
Vandervoort adds.

While we eagerly await the Supergirl cameo that may or may not happen, we have the third season of Vandervoort`s werewolf show Bitten to look forward to!

“We’re starting [to shoot] at the end of August,” Vandervoort tells Rick. “I don’t know what the story lines are, I have no idea where we’re going this year, but I can’t wait and hopefully you guys love it.”

She may not know exactly what’ll be happening in the show’s third season, but she’s hoping it involves a lot of blood!

“I’m a horror movie fanatic — The Shining, The Exorcist — [I’m] into all of that,” she explains. “So whenever I get a chance to be covered in blood Carrie-style like the finale last year, I love it and the more of that the better.”

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