Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bitten' Star Laura Vandervoort Says Elena Is 'Like An Assassin' In Season 2, Will She Rekindle Clay Romance?

Bitten' Star Laura Vandervoort Says Elena Is 'Like An Assassin' In Season 2, Will She Rekindle Clay Romance?

Season 2 of "Bitten" is just a few days away, and to gear up for the new season, we spoke with star Laura Vandervoort to discuss what's in store for her character, Elena, and the rest of the Pack.
"The first episode picks up three days after finale, when Elena finds Philip's head, and we really hit the ground running," she told F&S. "It's very intense. Elena has accepted who she is and is driven and is allowing the animal within to take over. The best comparison I can think of is she's like an assassin. She's bloodthirsty, seeing red, and out for revenge."
One of the biggest things we wondered about after the shocking end of Season 1 was how Elena's relationships with her fellow Pack members would evolve — particularly with Clay (Greyston Holt). We asked whether the death of Philip would affect their romantic reunion, and based on her answer, it's not looking good.

"Just based on her guilt, she's going to be very emotionally unavailable," said Vandervoort. "She's sort of gone inward, suppressing her emotions. She's not handling it well."

While Elena and Clay's romance might be put on the backburner, there's hope for them yet. Elena's not thrilled about the revelation that, though Clay is the one who bit her, Jeremy (Greg Bryk) is the reason she's now a wolf.
"It's was a huge betrayal on Jeremy's part," said Vandervoort, "and it'll bring her closer to Clay." She added that Elena relationship with Jeremy will be "a little strained" as a result of his decision.
She also spoke about some of the new faces we'll see.
"We're introducing some great new characters," she said, referring to the coven of witches we'll meet. "It adds a new dynamic to pack. We didn't know witches existed or anything about supernatural creatures. It's a whole new thing to deal with, and having them on show's been fantastic."

Vandervoort hinted at a "new evil force" coming up — we're betting she means the "Destroyer" teased in recent previews — but wants to keep it a surprise for fans.
Speaking of surprises, if you thought the first season finale was shocking, it seems we haven't seen anything yet.
"The finale, like last year's, is a huge cliffhanger," she teased. "It's a big shocker, and I don't think the audience will get over it."
That certainly sounds... ominous. Perhaps even death-in-the-Pack ominous?
"Bitten" premieres February 7 at 9 p.m. EST on Space in Canada. We'll be on the lookout for the American premiere date!

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