Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laura Vandervoort's Movie "Coffee Shop": TV Premiere Date, Plot and More

Here are some news about the latest Laura's Movie "Coffee Shop"

Coffee Shop - UP Original Movie
TV Premiere Date:  Sunday, September 14 at 7 P.M. EDT/4 P.M. PDT on UPtv (USA).

Donavan Turner’s (Laura Vandervoort) specialty is matching people to their perfect, new drink at her hip, friendly neighborhood coffee shop, “Donovan’s.”  While she’s been less than successful making a similar match in love, Donavan loves her work and has the robust support of her sister Becky (Rachel Hendrix), Becky’s boyfriend Kevin (Jason Burkey) and the wonderful, eclectic collection of regulars that frequent her coffee shop daily.  They are a warm, close-knit group – more family than customers and employees.  Unfortunately, she’s keep a secret from them all.  The new bank owner, Frank Miller (Jon Lovitz), won’t extend her loan and she’s facing immediate foreclosure.  Things get further complicated when Donovan’s ex-boyfriend Patrick (Josh Ventura) returns to declare his love and she clashes with Broadway playwright -- and tea-drinker – Ben Carson (Cory M. Grant), in town working on a new play for his producer (Kevin Sorbo).  With all the challenges in front of her, it might be a fine time for Donovan to take a risk herself and trust that all the good she does for others will come back to her.   

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