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Interview: The Wolf in Laura Vandervoort

The Wolf in Laura Vandervoort

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Laura Vandervoort sounds smitten with 'Bitten.' œI was covered in blood, sweat and tears “ all of the above “ every day doing Bitten,''' the actress says with a bemused chuckle. That was great as an actor.

I love mixing it up. We did dramatic scenes and then we would go into fight sequences.
"I grew up doing martial arts, so the physical side of the character, of the show, it was an amalgamation of everything I've wanted to do,'' Vandervoort says. œI did all the stunts. And the romantic scenes.
"My character keeps up with the boys,'' she says. œIt was draining in every way, but also one of the most wonderful parts of the experience. I'd go home and my body would ache and my eyes would be puffy from crying, but it was definitely fulfilling, and I was challenged by it more than I've ever been challenged on any other show.'' Vandervoort, a gorgeous Canadian actress with huge blue eyes and cascading blond hair, is not new to sci-fi, fantasy and horror fare. Best known for her stint as Kara/Supergirl on 'Smallville' (2007-2011), the 29-year-old also has appeared in Goosebumps (1997- 1998), Mutant X (2001), The Dresden Files (2007), Riverworld (2010) and the recent update of V (2009-2011).

Based on the Women of the Otherworld fantasy novels by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, 'Bitten' casts Vandervoort as Elena Michaels, a young woman who has had it rough in life.

Elena grew up in the foster-care system.

She did her best, eventually attended college and fell in love with Clayton (Greyson Holt), one of her professors “ only to have him turn out to be a werewolf and ... bite her.

Conversing by telephone from her home in Los Angeles, Vandervoort speaks in the past tense about 'Bitten' only because she wrapped production on the first season's 13-episode run some time ago. Season 1 was made for Canadian television, then snapped up by Syfy to run in the United States as well. 'Bitten' will debut on January 13 on Syfy.
"Elena feels betrayed by Clay and has to fight to survive her way through what's called the first change,'' Vandervoort says. "Most people die or commit suicide because of the torture of the first change, and she's the first female who's survived it. So part of what we get into in the first season is her dealing with what's happened, but she actually also loves that she now has this family, this pack that will look out for her.
"She's got people she can confide in and a home that she finally belongs to,'' the actress says, œbut she's torn because she hates being an animal. She finds it horrific. She doesn't want to kill or eat meat. So she tries to have a normal life in Toronto, with a human boyfriend (Paul Greene) and a real job. She's a freelance photographer.
"Elena just tries to pretend that it never happened and tries to push the animal down,'' Vandervoort continues.
"She's torn between the two worlds, though, and trying to come to terms with who and what she has become.'' The show represents Vandervoort's first go-round as a series star. She stands front and centre in all the 'Bitten' promotional posters, and it's her name at the top of Syfy's press materials.

She appears in nearly every scene of the series, which also stars Greg Bryk as werewolf-pack leader Jeremy Danvers.
"I started acting when I was 13,'' Vandervoort says, "so I've been working toward having a series like this where I'm the lead and I'm playing a strong female who's leading the pack.

I'm loving it. Going into it I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the workload or hours, because I really haven't had the opportunity to be in every scene on a show before, but everyone's been great and I love the creators, producers and writers.
It's just been a perfect combination of project and people, and it makes me want to go to work every day,'' 
she says. 

"So it's going really well".
"And I'm really proud of 'Bitten,''' Vandervoort adds. "It's not just a job I took. It's a show I'm proud to do. You don't have to know the books or like sci-fi or horror to enjoy the show. Everyone can tune in and find something that they'll relate to. The show isn't just about werewolves and transformations, it's about the relationship and family and obligation.
I can't wait for people to see it.''

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