Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Laura Vandervoort as Supergirl on the latest issues of Smallville Season 11

Continue the adventures of Laura as Supergirl on the Season 11 of Smallville Comics Version.
Here are the covers of the latest issues 51 and 52 with Laura\Supergirl Versus Supeman\Tom Welling !!! 

Some info about these issues:

- Smallville: Season 11 #51 -
Kara is tired of waiting for humanity to give up their xenophobia, but Clark's memories of Apokolips urge him to greater patience. Booster's interrogation at the hands of EarthGov forces grows ugly. "Argo" part 7 of 9.

- Smallville: Season 11 #52 -
Booster escapes! But will his best friend, the trusty robot Skeets, be available to help stop EarthGov from launching an attack on new Krypton? "Argo" part 8 of 9.

For more info or buy your digital copies: LINK. 

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