Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bitten Updates!!!

In the last week continue the preparing for Bitten...

An incredible team (Wil Zmak, ‏Mark Savela, Jessica Petelle, Patrick Banister, Daegan Fryklind,
J.B. Sugar, Garfield L.Miller, John Barbisan, Grant Rosenberg, Ashley Shields-Muir, Will Pascoe, etc.) was formed and united is working nonstop to get everything ready for the shoot which will start in 2 days.

Here two photos of Laura that show off her inner wolf in preview....

The others cast members are still unknown and secret....
The fans (and we with them) of Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld Book's series and of Laura are waiting for news that surely will soon be revealed (will hopefully) in the coming hours!!!

Stay tuned!!!! ;-)


  1. Again two days and officially the filming of Bitten begin. The book is amazing

    1. nice place this Blog...anyway What can I say? what can I say?? oh yep... I want news right now... but since no one decides to give them to me, I'll let myself die slowly until Monday...please continue with these posts because I think you do deserve to make way ... <4
      Lucia url

    2. Do you know why you deserve to get ahead? because in this world there are too many heads of cabbage ... such as a certain twitter page ... that only makes retwitt and is awarded all the time ... I do not agree .. I hope you will be able to break this bad habit ... rooting for you.

    3. I take care only of my twitter page and help and support a my friend with her "new" Bitten Fan Page, of the rest don't care nothing.... free to do what they want...
      Thanks for your support ;)