Sunday, February 3, 2013

What is Laura Vandervoort doing in this period?

After the recent great success got with her appearances on the final of the third season of Haven (where she played Arla Cogan, the wife of Colorado Kid) and on the episode "Nine Thirteen" (9x13) of CSI: NY (in the role of Macy Sullivan, an actress of the road, ready to vengeance after having served a sentences in prison wrongfully).
What is Laura doing in this period?
We know little about this... The actress certainly never stops and lately she seems really busy, then we can probably guess that something is brewing, but what?
Latest rumors on twitter and on web suggest a her attraction to the series "GIRLS" and a her possible future involvement in a upcoming new series which has as protagonists vampires, witches and werewolves (maybe "The Vampire Diaries - The originals"?).

Apart these hypotheses (hypothesized by me and then without any certainty or concreteness) there is not much else to say, therefore us content ourselves with these for now and we hope that to our favorite actress will be assigned a regular role in a series of successful and be awarded with the appropriate awards for her extraordinary talent. I'm very astonished that this situation does not occur from the time of "V" for an actress so very talented, but our heroine knows how to fight and also well and hard, she has always demonstrated this and I'm sure that very soon she will amaze us!!!
It's true that I'm not a movie critic or an expert of recitation, are one like many, but I'll be honest, whenever I watch Laura play on the screen, always feel great excitement, she succeeds to interpret the emotions superbly in an amazing way and always improves. I'm not ashamed to say, but I almost cried in the most touching scenes on Haven and see her in the role of Marylin (Monroe) on CSI:NY has been simply stunning!!!
However besides to play looks like she knows how to do everything (dub, write, paint, etc.). I consider her is a complete artist.
My opinion counts little, then I'm sorry for this my personal comments, at conclusion, currently about the actress, we know for sure that soon we will see her on the TV movie of Canadian production "
Cubicle Warriors".
The her fans will be able meet her in the next edition of the 
Toronto ComiCon on 9 and 10 March, moreover, she has been recently involved in the opening of the Clover Juice Bar in LA. Since she is a person with a gold's heart, always active humanly, helps and supports organizations such as The Gentle Barn and World Vision, finally, we all are waiting of news on the upcoming publication of her First Children's Book.
Laura Go Forward!!!
(Sorry for my bad English.. :-P )


  1. I continue to say that a recurring role or the lead in a tv show will arrive, interesting the other things that she has done, and I continue to support her also for the noble causes. Now I wait the new projects among Cubicle Warriors.

  2. I agree, certainly she will be soon rewarded for her merits.. ;-)
    Mine is just a post of my thoughts and a refresher on the recent activities of the actress, it's not to be considered a news, in fact, I haven't announced the post on face & twitter .. although to be honest I forgot yesterday, it was almost dawn(sunrise) here in Italy when the writing it, the mind flickering at that hour, I closed the gate ... X-D