Sunday, April 15, 2012

Laura Vandervoort guest in White Collar

Laura Vandervoort is a guest star in an episode of the fourth season of the Serie White Collar (and in this day she start shooting in NY).

By, which has released summer calendar of tv shows, White Collar will air with the fourth season, where Laura will be a guest-star in episode in the role of Sophie Covington in July 10, on the cable channel USA Network.

- Photos from the set -


- Here's Laura with a fans on the set -

Of course we have permission to post the photo of the girl.
Also told us that:

"Laura was there for a guest appearance. I saw her on accident. She had a scene on the street of nyc with Matt Bomer (they were kissing!) And I saw her and just had to wait to try to meet her :-D They did that scene over 20 times LOL we sat their for hours waiting for them to be done."

Thank lot Stella!!!


here is a new photo of laura from the set, it has been give to us by our friend Rudy who kindly gave permission to publish it.

and also told about his meeting with the lovely Laura:

"I meet her yesterday on set and I had a 20 min conversation with her abut smallville and V but she likes all this character lol and I ask her what was her favorite smallville episode and she told me the one when lex became president and shoot her because one reason Tom Welling was directing it. It was so fun and I love this girl so much I got more happy when we finish the conversation she give me a kiss on the cheeks :-) well that's all for now feel free."

Ruby, we very envy you , congrats and thank you very much!!!


I would thank this american fan who met Laura at the cinema while she has been to see Memphis.


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