Friday, September 2, 2011

Laura Vandervoort at the Dragon*Con 2011

The Dragon*Con is an event tied to world of the comics, film and animation, It
takes place in Atlanta (Georgia). This year's edition was held from September 2 to 5.
Demanding event for Laura who attended the following conferences:

- V–Bonds Broken
The ties of religion and family are torn
asunder. Trials and choices lead to paths
one had never expected. J. Gretsch, L.
Vandervoort; Fri 2:30 pm; Cent. I [HYT]

- Smallville–Three bad guys and a
Some of the actors of Smallville, talk about
all things heroic and villainous, including
the infamous hero pose! J. Marsters, M.
Rosenbaum, L. Vandervoort, S. Witwer;
Sat 1:00 pm; Cent. II–III [HYT]

- V-Find Your Bliss!
The study of Visitor biology and a lesson
in control and guidance. Is God, bliss
or just another chemical addiction? R.
Englund, J. Gretsch, L. Vandervoort; Sun
10:00 am; Reg. VI–VII [HYT]

The sympathy of Laura and her fellow actors will not wait and there will be many funny moments in these videos, then I strongly suggest to watch it.

- Videos -
"V" Panel in Friday (V–Bonds Broken)

"V" Panel in Sunay (V-Find Your Bliss!)

Smallville Panel in Saturday
(Smallville–Three bad guys and a Supergirl)

A nice video found on the web, where laura signing an autograph.

- Photos -
(in slideshow, press play to view they)


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