Monday, August 26, 2013

Laura Vandervoort and the Cast of Bitten at Fan Expo Canada 2013

Great success for Laura Vandervoort and the cast of the Bitten (Greg Bryk, Steve Lund, Michael Xavier and Greyston Holt) at Fan Expo Canada (Metro Toronto Convention Centre). The panel was hilarious and was shown the first Bitten's teaser in exclusive. 
Here are some photos and videos, and more from the event:

- Photos -

- Videos -
Some video segments of Bitten Panel: Video1, Video2, Video3, Video4, Video5, Video 6, Video7,Video8, Video9, Video10.

Etalk Interview:

TheActionElite Interview:

The Mind Reels chats with Laura Vandervoort:

MSN Exclusive Video Interview at FanExpo 2013:The cast of Bitten:

Geek Hard at Fan Expo interview to Laura (1 min approx):

- Articles -
-  Interview: Laura Vandervoort & the cast of Bitten by TheActionElite: LINK.
- From Space Channel Site: Fan Expo report: this Bitten cast has bite: LINK.
  - Fan Expo 2013: Cast of ‘Bitten’ at the Expo! by LINK.
- Bitten at Fan Expo 2013 by Watikalemon: LINK
- The Mind Reels chats with Laura Vandervoort: LINK
 Toronto Fan Expo Report by HairStylist Renae May: LINK.
(Thanks a lot to Alisha for many Photos and Videos).
Updates as soon as possible...

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