Sunday, July 21, 2013

Updates about Bitten

Shooting Bitten continue, the head of Programming for Space Channel Rachel G has revealed on twitter that the actor Michael Xavier as Logan Jonsen in Bitten (in photo with Laura) is a therapist and is Elena's best friend in the city, also says that the series is very thrilling, very adult with a lots of action. Some things in the book are the same and some are new.

Here are some photos of Laura (posted by her on Twitter) from the set and in some relaxing moments during the days of break, despite heat wave, tornado and the traumas suffered during the shooting to our lovely heroine never loses her Incredible Smile and to have fun.

 Then, Laura has posted these old amazing photos while shooting Smallville including her first San Diego Comic Con (2007).

 I remind you all that you can follow the real, unique and original Laura Vandervoort on Twitter: LINK, Instagram: LINK, Viddy: LINK and on her Official Web Site: LINK.

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